98 Sheep Street, Bicester, 0X26 6LP
    01869 252 788

    Welcome to Bicester Dental Care and Implant Centre

    We offer a wide-range of dental services at the General Clinic.You will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan prior to the start of any dental services.To make an appointment or learn more about the services available at the Dentistry clinic please call on.

    • Certified Dentist Doctors
    • Latest Technology Equipment
    • Guarantee for dent treatment
    • Before/After treatment care
    • Insurance facility available

    The Practice

    Mr. and Mrs. Ashruf and Aadilla Peer have been delivering first class oral care services at Bicester Dental Care since 2006. Together they have built up a thriving NHS and private practice of almost 7000 patients.

    Conveniently situated just to the east of the town centre, Bicester Dental Care lies within easy walking distance of the main shopping area. There is a large car park directly opposite the practice with ample pay and display spaces plus a designated parking area for those with disabilities.