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    A bridge offers a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth.It is usually made up of a false tooth (or teeth) fixed in between two crowns.The crowns are bonded to the teeth either side of the gap so the false tooth
    sits in the space and appears and like a normal tooth. Bridges can also be fixed to implants.

    We usually recommend missing teeth are replaced as overtime your remaining teeth will drift towards the gap. This can alter your bite and cause discomfort and pain. A bridge will help prevent this drift.

    Most bridges are made of metal covered with a thin layer of porcelain veneer to make them look more natural. However, there are other materials available and your dentist will help you choose which is most suitable for you.

    If you decide to proceed with a bridge, you will be provided with a treatment plan outlining the procedure, your appointment schedule and all costs.

    Bridges usually require two appointments. Sometimes an appointment with the hygienist is also recommended to make sure you are confident about your oral care routine.